St James is a wonderful community of people journeying through life together following Jesus as our Lord, Saviour and Friend.  Our purpose as a Christian Community is to be Following Jesus and Loving People which will Change Lives. Our vision is to be Growing Connected Communities which are Strong, Healthy and Vibrant.

You may be  new to the area and want to get involved? If so can we help you?
For what ever reason we would be glad to see you at our services – babies, toddlers and children are all most welcome.

Perhaps there’s something here you’re  interested in?

Here’s some of what we offer you:
Teaching God’s word in services and small group ministry
Support of overseas and Australian missionaries
Involvement in the local community
Morning tea to help you mix and meet on after services
Groups to cater for young people of all ages
Sunday services 9am and 10.30am and a Chinese Services 1.30pm
Weekday Thursday 11.00am
Saturday morning West Heidelberg
Discipleship – Small Groups – Life Groups, Huddles, Theology Studies, Outreach
Camps for young people
Barbecues and community lunches

All ages are welcome at St James so come along and get involved.


St James Youth Ministry (JPod) – years 7-12
JPod is all about equipping our youth to be proactive disciples who are empowered to be the best they can be in Christ. It’s a place of invested community, fun and learning together what it means to be followers of Christ.

Our Friday Nights are a gathering of years 7-12 at the St James Parish Centre (mostly) from 7pm–9pm. A standard Friday night includes hot chips, games, looking at the Bible and supporting one another in life. From time to time we also do social outings and gather with other youth groups in the area. Grade 6ers are invited to join us on Friday nights for Term 4 each year.

On Sundays, there is a Bible study (Year 7-9) that runs during the 10:30am and 1:30pm service (in school terms). We normally duck out about 20 minutes into the service to look at the Bible together, pray and have fun!

Kids Church

We welcome children of all ages into our church family, and Kids’ Church is a part of our 10:30 am and 1.30pm congregations.

Each week during term time, children are invited to participate in small groups. At 10am the groups are ages 0–4 (crèche), Prep–3 and 4–6. At 1.30pm the groups are ages 0–4 and Prep to 5. Groups are led by members of our congregations under the leadership of our children and families minister.

A session for crèche children includes: a bible story, a related activity, a snack, a prayer and free play.

A session for primary-aged children includes: a game or song, a bible story, prayer and time for creative reflection.

The material for Kids’ Church  for the 10am congregation follows a program produced by MUstards Seeds UK

During school holidays there are always activities for kids.

Mainly Music Friday’s at 10.00 am –mainly music  is a program for children who are not yet at school and their carers, on a Friday at 10am. We have a time of singing and dancing, and then morning tea and playtime. The cost is $5 per family per week.

If you would like to know more about Kids’Church and the ChiFam (Children and Families) program at St James contact  or Carol.


Small Groups – Life Groups  are small group meetings at the church and in homes are an important part in the life of St James. By sharing in fellowship, studying of God’s word and praying together life groups offer support in times of need and encourage members to grow in their own walk to be the best they can be in Christ.
Our Groups meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We have groups which meet at varying times during the week and during the day.  Our groups  vary in make up with some being mixed whilst others gender specific.  Please contact us .if you are interested in joining one of our groups

Theological Study – We encourage people who wish to explore their faith at a deeper level begin more in depth Theological Studies. A number of our congregation are studying via online studies. If you are interested please speak to Stephen or contact the office for more information.

Huddles at St James – We are noticing many of our people are time poor. it is hard to find time to commit to meeting with larger groups of people on a regular basis. However we have begun to trial the concept of a Huddle. This is a group of between two and four people who commit to meet regularly together. Because this is such a small group we hope people can meet at varying times in the day Workers in the city could meet over lunch time. Part time workers may be to find time during the day when they can meet and so on.
A Huddle involves:-
*Finding a common time and suitable place to meet
*Reading a passage from the bible and asking: What does this say? What is God saying to us? What will we do about what God is saying?
*Praying for each other
*Keeping each other accountable as we seek to implement God’s word.
A seven week starter pack has been developed to get Huddles off to a good start.

Outreach at St James – Find a need and fill it, See a hurt and heal it
True discipleship involves sharing our faith with others in the local community. The church’s engagement in the local community work best when groups of people are passionate about a cause. Do you want to be involved in reaching out into the community with the love of God? If so speak to Stephen or become involved in one of the  Outreach Programs.

Contact the Office for more information

Mothers’ Union

Mothers’ Union is part of a world wide Anglican organisation whose purpose is to be specially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.  Mothers’ Union at St James  is a friendly group seeking to promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children. In addition Mothers’ Union seek to help those whose family has met with adversity and also encourage parents to bring their children up in the Christian faith.  Activities include Mothers’ Union projects. Monthly meetings held in the parish lounge,  include prayer, fellowship and occasional speakers and are held at 1.30pm on fourth Wednesday of the month. You are most welcome to join in, either occasionally or regularly.

Members of the Mothers’ Union welcome new members. If you are interested in joining please contact Merran.

Women’s Ministry

Throughout the year a number of events are held in the parish for women giving those who attend the opportunity to hear, share, and learn about the Christian faith of others. Thus enabling women to grown in faith and their Christian walk. Women are also encouraged to invite others so they can also experience the love and joy of Christian fellowship. 

Men’s Ministry – Men Helping Men

There is an active Men’s Ministry at St James Ivanhoe.  As well as providing support for each other special Men’s Ministry events are held throughout the year. Helping men at St James to be better Christians, with a rich and fulfilling life, and drawing other men in the wider community into a knowledge and love of God and the peace that follows is a core value of this Men’s Ministry Group.