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  • Remember God’s power

    John Owen writes, ‘When the church is in it’s greatest danger and facing dreadful calamities, God calls us to remember his almighty power.’  While this year the church hasn’t quite been facing terrible danger, we as a nation and even the world has been facing great danger. But God would want us to remember His great power, […]

  • Keep it simple andBe Gentle with ourselves

    As 2020 draws to a close, we have lived through one of the most extraordinary years in our lifetime.  In most years disasters and atrocious world events affect a significant number of people but for most of us we travel on regardless.  But Covid – 19 has affected us all.  As we move into the holiday […]

  • Hallowed be your name

    Today I continue to reflect on the Lord’s prayer in this weekly message.  The word hallowed means to make Holy.  Martin Luther writes, ‘What are we praying for when we ask that His name become holy?  Is it not holy already?’  Luther goes on the point out that every baptised Christian has God’s named put […]

  • Our Father in Heaven

     Our sermon series on prayer, will not specifically be covering the Lord’s prayer, so I thought it might be an idea to write on each of the petitions of the Lord’s prayer in my weekly Bulletin piece.  In doing so I will be drawing on insights from some of the great Christian thinkers.     […]

  • Serving the Lord

    Tim Keller writes, ‘You can love generously if you have been generously loved.’  This points us to the reality that God’s love is so generous, so abundant, and never ending. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the generosity of God’s love if we haven’t experienced love from our fellow human beings.  Often the love of God comes […]

  • Jesus: The same yesterday, today and tomorrow

    In my reading recently, I was struck by the fact that the Jesus in whom we put our trust today is the one who was there at the very beginning. He is the one who in fact who has been in every place and time since then.  There is nothing he hasn’t seen and no […]

  • Returning to School

    This week marks the end of school holidays.  We pray for teachers who begin their new year today, and we pray for students as they begin later in the week.  We especially pray for those who are beginning their primary school lives this week, or who are beginning secondary school and those who are beginning year […]

  • Praise God for the rescue of Thai soccer team

    What an inspiring rescue we have seen this week of the 12 Thai boys and their football coach from the flooded caves in Thailand. A Testimony to the brilliance of experienced cave divers, of bravery, of self-sacrifice. One of the rescuers said, ‘Diving is my passion but now it has been for a purpose.’  What a wonderful […]

  • Easter Hope

    First of all I wish you all a happy Easter and that you will know the joy of the risen Christ in your lives.   Each year Archbishop Philip Freier sends around the diocese his Easter message.  I found the following words from him quite encouraging ‘Too often, life’s burdens can lead us to despair. One […]

  • Ball Tampering

    This week has been overshadowed by the ‘ball tampering’ saga of the Australian Test Cricket team.  It has been sad to see an Australian team resorting to cheating in that way. A a number of careers will be rightly tarnished.  However, I wonder whether there has been a bit of over reaction to all this.   Justice will […]