Author: Stephen May

  • St James Livestream

    Our St James 10.30am (English) and 1:30pm (Mandarin) worship services are livestreamed every Sunday. Here is the livestream link to our 10.30am Service this Sunday Aug 21st: You can also find our 1.30pm Mandarin Service livestreamed at We trust that you are encouraged and uplifted by viewing our worship. T

  • Worship in person and Live Stream – Sunday December 5th

    We are now worshipping in person at St James. Services are at 9am, 11am, 1.30pm and 5.30pm (no density limits and masks are not mandated). All these services are for the fully vaccinated. The 11am and 1.30pm services will be livestreamed This Sunday we will Continue a series on our goal for 2022. This week […]

  • St James 3081 – Back at Shop 48

    Our St James 3081 services are now being held at Shop 48 in the West Heidelberg Mall – Bell St West Heidelberg (enter from the Car Park on the east side of the Mall).  Contact Stephen on 0407468251

  • Our focus for 2022

    Each year at St James we have a special focus.   The goal for 2022 is as follows In 2022, St James will live and proclaim the Truth, Hope, Care and Confidence we have in Christ As we come out of a year of lockdowns we believe that our society needs to see and hear the […]

  • Remember God’s power

    John Owen writes, ‘When the church is in it’s greatest danger and facing dreadful calamities, God calls us to remember his almighty power.’  While this year the church hasn’t quite been facing terrible danger, we as a nation and even the world has been facing great danger. But God would want us to remember His great power, […]

  • Keep it simple andBe Gentle with ourselves

    As 2020 draws to a close, we have lived through one of the most extraordinary years in our lifetime.  In most years disasters and atrocious world events affect a significant number of people but for most of us we travel on regardless.  But Covid – 19 has affected us all.  As we move into the holiday […]

  • Services at St James are recommencing

    [p]Content[/p] Services at St James Ivanhoe have recommenced as from Sunday November 29th Services will be at the following times 9am (traditional) 11am (contemporary) 1.30pm (Mandarin) 5.30pm (Youth and young Adults) If you wish to attend one of the English Services service you will need to book in through Trybooking.  This week’s Trybooking link is […]

  • Hallowed be your name

    Today I continue to reflect on the Lord’s prayer in this weekly message.  The word hallowed means to make Holy.  Martin Luther writes, ‘What are we praying for when we ask that His name become holy?  Is it not holy already?’  Luther goes on the point out that every baptised Christian has God’s named put […]

  • Our Father in Heaven

     Our sermon series on prayer, will not specifically be covering the Lord’s prayer, so I thought it might be an idea to write on each of the petitions of the Lord’s prayer in my weekly Bulletin piece.  In doing so I will be drawing on insights from some of the great Christian thinkers.     […]

  • The Prayer Course

    During the weeks leading up to Easter numbers of our small groups and our church services will be using the 24/7 prayer movements – The Prayer Course.   Our Youth( JPOD) in their special Sunday morning segment are using the video sessions as their material in first term.  Our 3081 West Heidelberg community are following the […]