Family Discussion Questions – Jun 14

Hi Parents,

We have had such a big week with all that is happening: going back to in-person learning for all students, along with everything that is happening around the world in regards to race relations, as we continue to learn what the new normal is in the COVID-19 situation. I pray that as you watch our online service, it opens up discussions for how God speaks to us today, and informs our faith in light of who God us. You might like to use the following questions to help prompt family discussion.

  1. Bishop Genieve talked about grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. What does grace mean to you?
  2. Bp Genieve noted that there is lots of different translations used for the word we often translate as fellowship (fellowship, communion, partnership, sharing, association, participation, interchange). How do these different words help us understand what fellowship looks like?
  3. In light of all that we’ve seen this week in light of race relations, how can we live this Trinitarian reality (grace of Jesus, love of God and fellowship of the Holy Spirit) out?

If you would like to talk further about how to approach a conversation about race and injustice with your teens, please feel free to be in touch with me either via phone or email.

Have a great week.