Family Discussion Questions – Apr 19

Hi Parents,

I’m praying that the first week of schooling for term 2 went well. I know that it can be difficult adjusting to this new normal, and so it’s important to be extending grace and mercy to both the family but also yourselves. Know that I am praying for you all in this time.

This week in our service we’ve begun our 4 week series on looking at Matt 10. This week particularly we focused on Jesus sending out the twelve. Having watched the online service, you might like to use the following questions to help prompt family discussion.

  1. Steve talked about us being invited in to partner with God in his mission. What excites you in this? What scares you in this?
  2. In what ways do you think being a Christian brings life and freedom?
  3. What do you think a person of peace looks like?

Have a great week.