Serving the Lord

Tim Keller writes, ‘You can love generously if you have been generously loved.’  This points us to the reality that God’s love is so generous, so abundant, and never ending.
Sometimes it’s hard to understand the generosity of God’s love if we haven’t experienced love from our fellow human beings.  Often the love of God comes to us through the love of others.

However, there are times when we must rest purely on the truth that God loves us and to think about how he has blessed us in the past; how he has come into our life and changed the course of our life.  We also need to reflect on His love for us in sending Jesus to live and die and rise for us.

As we understand how generously God  has loved us, we are given the capacity by God to generously love others.

I’m praying that this week will be a week where you experience the generous love of God through your one-on-one times with Him.  I pray that you will experience the love of God through others, and I pray that you will empowered to generously love others.