Praise God for the rescue of Thai soccer team

What an inspiring rescue we have seen this week of the 12 Thai boys and their football coach from the flooded caves in Thailand.

A Testimony to the brilliance of experienced cave divers, of bravery, of self-sacrifice. One of the rescuers said, ‘Diving is my passion but now it has been for a purpose.’  What a wonderful testimony of the power of self-sacrifice and service of others bringing meaning to life.

It is also a witness of how God has given great talents and abilities to human beings.  We marvel at those who are so talented in such a dangerous situation.  Whether they acknowledge it or not God is the source of all such abiities.

I was also glad to see the front page of the Herald-Sun using the headline, ‘Our prayers have been answered’   The headline will mean different things to different people but it is at least an acknowledgement that this predicament left us crying out to the Lord for His help.

We who belong to Jesus find our purpose in service of the Lord.  The promise is, that we will have an abundant life as we put Jesus first and His causes first.  We should never take for granted the purpose God gives us through being part of His Kingdom.  Likewise, we should never take for granted the gifts and talents he has given us and the great power available to us through prayer.