Ball Tampering

This week has been overshadowed by the ‘ball tampering’ saga of the Australian Test Cricket team.  It has been sad to see an Australian team resorting to cheating in that way. A a number of careers will be rightly tarnished.  However, I wonder whether there has been a bit of over reaction to all this.   Justice will be meeted out but where will teh mercy come from?

As I think about these events and of Jesus death for us on the cross, I am reminded that we are all sinners through and through.  All deserving justice but needing mercy.  If I were in the Australian Cricket team dressing rooms would I have had the courage to stand up against the others.   If I’m honest with myself, I may not have had that strength, and certainly I would not have, without the  strength the Holy Spirit brings.

Jesus died for us all.  He died in our place, for we all needed a saviour.  My sins are just as much needing the mercy of a saviour, as the sins of the Australian cricket team.  As we look to Easter let us worship in awe and wonder of what Jesus has done for us, showing us the great mercy of our great God, and be grateful for the strength he gives in times of trial.