Having our say

It was great to be back among you all on the weekend and to share in worship, fellowship, and in exploring God’s Word together.  Exploring the character and leadership on Nehemiah has shown us that he was certainly a man of principle whose reverence for God was a determining attitude in his life.

This week the High Court ruled that the postal vote on same-sex marriage was constitutional,  and so we will soon be invited to exercise our right the show our parliamentarians  what we think about the matter.  I encourage you to vote so that our parliamentarians will have the best possible understanding of community attitudes.

I am attaching 2 links which may be helpful for you.  The first is an article from our Archbishop Philip Freier, the second is a link to my recent sermon on the area of Christian sexuality.

In neither the Archbishop’s article nor my sermon is their any attempt to tell anyone which way to vote although we do express our views on the subject.  I hope they are helpful in your deliberations and I am happy at all times to discuss issues of such importance with you

Archbishop’s article:  http://www.anglicanprimate.org.au/2017/08/26/please-vote-in-the-plebiscite/

My Sermon:     https://stjameschurch.org.au/sermon/christian-view-sexuality-16072017/

Have a great week as you serve the Lord in your work place, and with your friends and family.