Grace – God’s unmerited favour

Philip Yancey writes:
“Jesus forgave a thief dangling on a cross,
knowing full well the thief converted out of plain fear.
That thief would never study the bible, never attend
a synagogue or church, and never make amends to those he had wronged.
He simply said, ‘Jesus remember me.’, and Jesus promised.
‘Today you will be with me in paradise.’  It was another shocking reminder
that grace does not depend on what we have done for God
but rather what God has done for us.”
                  I find as I walk with Jesus day by day that I need to continually remind myself that life is not about what I do for God,  but rather about what he has done for me.  My response to what God has done for me in Christ, is a dedicated life of service.   However, it ought never then lead me to thinking that God in in debt to me for my serving him.   The debt he paid for me (and you) through His death on the cross, is beyond anything we can do for Him. We can but reflect in awesome wonder and respond to the love he has shown us.