This week’s notices


Bishop Genieve Blackwell will be with us on Sunday 6-August for a Confirmation service. This is an opportunity for people in our parish to make a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ. This may include:

1. Those who have not yet been baptised but have committed their lives to Christ and want to seal that through baptism and confirmation

2. Children who are now in Secondary School who have been baptised as infants and who want to make their own commitment of faith to Jesus.

3. People who are committed followers of Jesus who have belonged to other churches and want to commit themselves to the Anglican Church. If you are in any of these categories please come and see Stephen and have a chat about the way forward.

Movie Afternoon

  • Thursday 18-May 2017
  • Time: 12noon
  • Place: Parish Centre Lounge
  • Donation: $5 Light lunch RSVP: by 14-May email Lynne at
  • A film about love and patience

Send George to Japan!

  • A Flute Fundraising Concert!
  • 3-June 2017 2.30pm at St James Anglican Church Ivanhoe.

George (1st Sunday of the month 10am band member) wants to go to Japan, and we want to make sure he gets there! All the money raised will be going to making sure that this happens. Those performing will be George Hubbard and Phoenix singers. Tickets:15/$10. To book go to For further details contact Liz on 0423 380 614 or email