20 One sentence, ‘Lord help me prayers’

I found these short one sentence prayers written by Brett Faris, based on the woman who came to Jesus and simply started by saying – Lord help me.   I have recorded 10 of them in today’s piece and I will use the next 10 next week.  Which one/s are ones you can use during the week to enable you to be a better servant of Christ           

1. Lord help me be a better spouse and better parent today than I was yesterday and the day before that.

2. Lord help me to show this person your love and attention in a way that they haven’t seen before.

3. Lord help me believe that you are with me even when I’m unsure if you are.

4. Lord help me turn from my sin when my sin turns toward me. 

5. Lord help me do the things I know I should be doing but currently I am not. 

6. Lord help me to believe that I can make a difference in someone’s life today by just saying something nice to them.

7. Lord help me believe your Word can be like a flashlight and guide me down this darkened path.

8. Lord help me give the love you have given me away freely and without charge to the people around me whom I struggle to love even a little bit.

9. Lord help me trust that you have a plan for my life even when it may feel like it is a bad one.

10. Lord help me have patience because I’m pretty sure I’m out.