Decision Making – and God’s Guidance

Decision making and God’s guidance
“A life of faithfulness is made of up hundreds of thousands of small decisions that compound over time that actually lead us in the right direction. It’s not just the big things, but it’s often the small things that no one sees that result in the big impact that everyone wants. Craig Groeschel
Life is made up of many, many decisions.  Some we agonise over for days.  Many are made without even thinking.   Some are made with impetuosity, Other decisions are put off and sometimes made too late.   The decision not to make a decision and to do nothing, is often made as well.   But all those decisions make up who we are at this moment in time.
Groeschel goes on to say, ‘God doesn’t talk a lot about the future…in scripture,  but he does talk a lot about character and calling’.  Jesus also said that our outward actions and words, are built from our inward thoughts  and actions – ‘for out of the heart come evil thoughts….’ Matthew 15:19.  It is far more important to change our inner attitudes and thoughts and feelings, than to simply try and change our outer actions.   Most times I read a passage of the bible and begin to think about about it, and pray about it, there is something that challenges my behaviour and actions.  I am also lead to an inner thought that needs working on.
As Jesus changes us from the inside out, this affects the decisions we make moment by moment.  As Groeschel says it is often the small changes we make in our inner attitudes that leads to the greatest impact in our lives.  God’s leading is often about leading us to make inner changes that will change the way we view things and therefore the decisions we make.
One of the challenges for me at the moment is to rediscover the habit of praying first and then making decisions under God’s guidance.  At the very least this causes me to pause and not act too hastily, and gives God a chance to speak to me.   Each decision we make ought to be done seeking honour our Lord and God.  This is what a life of faithfulness is: decisions made moment by moment which honour, serve and bring glory to God.