Camp Thanks

First a great big thank you to all who help make our Parish Camp a success.  We had close to 100 parishioners in attendance at sometime during the camp.  I was delighted that all of our congregations were well represented.

Thank you to Veena and her camp committee of Keisha, Leith, Lynne, Olga and Anthony for attending to all the administrative detail for the camp.  Thank you to our wonderful staff team who all played a part in making the camp a success.  There were others like our musicians, our translators (both oral and written) and those who helped with various activities during and before the camp.  It was a great team effort.

Thanks too to those who took worship at St. James on Sunday which freed up our staff team to go on camp.  Also thank you to all who donated to the camp to enable a range of people to attend who would otherwise have not been able to.

There is an advertisement for the Hawthorn Football Club to attract new members. It has their coach Alistair Clarkson saying, ‘We don’t have to be spectacular but when everyone plays their part we can be great'( my memory of his words).

The great thing about the camp and the worship at St. James on Sunday is that it involved a large number of people playing their part.  It has been a great example of the Body of Christ working together for the will of God.  People doing what they do best. People doing what they are passionate about.  People doing what they believe God wants them to do.  We are privileged to serve in a church where so many people serve in small and larger ways, but we all serve our Lord for His glory, as a cog in the wheel that is St. James.