Food for Thought

               Spring is now with us and we are finally having some warmth even if it is late November.   I’m sure by March we will be starting to look for cooler weather.
                 In writing this week’s message, I have found some short quotes which I have found helpful.  First, in the light of political events across the world, the perspective of Billy Graham is helpful,  ‘My hope does not rest in the affairs of this world, my hope rests in Christ, who is coming again. I would add, My hope also rests in Christ who is always with me, and still in the world, acting to bring his will.
                  At a personal prayer level, James Hudson Taylor writes, ‘Do not have your concert first, and tune your instruments afterwards, begin your day with God.‘.   While I feel that the morning is the best time, to spend with God, you may prefer the evening as the time you can be quiet with the Lord.  Whatever, our preferred time of being quiet with the Lord, that time is an essential part of trusting Christ. It truly does tune us to play our tune well.
                    Sometimes, we expect much out of our leaders and other Christians, while this quote from David Bosch does not excuse poor Christian witness, it does remind us of where faithful Christian witness begins.  ‘The church is not made up of spiritual giants;  Only broken people can lead others to the cross.’    
                    I trust and pray that this week as we serve out of our brokenness, Christ may shine through us.