Sovereign Mindset

As I write this we are undergoing one of Melbourne’s wild, windy autumn days as our weather breaks and we move into a more winter feel.
As we move into the winter weather, it often marks a time of just being able to survive each day and waiting for the return of Spring.  Recently though i have been challenged to live life with a sovereign mindset.     What this means is to live life believing that God is at work in all that you do, and in each relationship of your life.   Sometimes we can focus on all that is wrong in our world.  We can also focus on all that we do wrong and all that others are doing wrong.  We can also look at our outside world and see how far our leaders are from a Godly outlook on life.
However,  God is at work.   More importantly, You (and I ) are a child of God.  You have been invited into partnership with Him in His work.  He will be working through you and or he will be working in your life.
A sovereign mindset believes the Lord is in control and is working his will in the world.  We begin to see him at work the more we expect to see Him at work.
Have a great week.  May you see the Lord do some wonderful things in your world