Time with God

In my reading over my holidays, I was again challenged by how our culture seems to have so little time to stop and reflect. Terry Walling in his book, ‘Stuck’ (great title – please talk to me about it sometime) says,‘the critical commodity of our culture has moved from money to time……. the tyranny of the urgent is now clearly in the driver’s seat of most lives.’     Discussions often quickly move to the topic of time or lack of it.   ‘ I’m too busy’, or ‘when would I have time to do that’ – is often the comment.
Our fast paced lives make it so much harder to actually listen to God and hear his voice spoken into our lives.   One of the great values of joining together in worship each week is that it at least gives us an hour of time when our major task is to listen to what God would say to us.  Stopping and receiving from God is sometimes a foreign attitude for us.  We are much more used to, and comfortable with, doing and achieving.
I pray that this we we all have some time (or better can make some time) to stop and listen to what God is saying to us this week.