St James has five services, spread over three days.  Here’s a short summary of each of the services, with more information further down the page.

Sunday 8:30am – St. James Ivanhoe
A traditional prayer book service with hymns and Holy Communion.

Sunday 10am – St. James Ivanhoe
A family service with a combination of traditional elements and contemporary style, with a lively kids program.

Sunday 1:30pm – St. James Ivanhoe – Chinese Congregation

Sunday 5:30pm – St. James Ivanhoe – Youth and Young Adults
stjames@530 is primarily a space for youth and young adults to engage with God in a more contemporary style service.

Saturday 10am – Banyule Community Health Centre in Heidelberg West
An informal service for the St. James 3081 community.

Thursday 11am – St. James Ivanhoe
A traditional service from the 1662 Prayer Book.

Sunday 8:30 am (Ivanhoe)

This service is a quiet reflective one at which Holy Communion is celebrated. It is suited to those who prefer a more traditional Anglican service and is perfect for those who want to start the day in worship. It is also ideal for anyone who is unable to attend services at other times.


Sunday 10am (Ivanhoe)

This service is a less formal service of a contemporary nature and is enjoyed by all age groups. The format varies according to the type of service,  and  a Power Point presentation is usually used. The children and young people attend for part of the service and then depart to for Kids’ Church and Jpod. The emphasis as with all services at St James’ is based on Biblical teaching, prayer, worship and praise to God.

Holy Communion – 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month
Prayer and  Praise – 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday of the month

You would be most welcome at this service as you would be at any other of the St James’ services.


Sunday 1:30 pm (Chinese Mandarin Service @ Ivanhoe)

本堂華人牧師多年在墨爾本照顧移民, 兒童及青少年的培育工作.  我們希望在本 區建立一個守望相助的華人团体.

我們相信三位一体創世真神, 我們確認我們需要耶穌基督赦罪的救恩.  我們願意學習聖經真理, 並以上帝聖道指引我們的人生旅程.

敬請與我們聯絡, 讓我們彼此認識, 並在屬靈生命一起成長, 一同領受上帝無窮厚恩.

歡迎致电張黃燕芬牧師 0403 380 837


Sunday 5:30 pm (Youth and Young Adult Service @ Ivanhoe)

stjames@530 is primarily a space for young people to engage with God in a more contemporary style service

St James Ivanhoe 5:30 Service

Thursday 11 am (Ivanhoe)

This service of Holy Communion using the 1662 Prayer Book is held in the side chapel of St Stephen and is for those who like to attend a week day service or who cannot attend on a Sunday for any reason. It is about 45 minutes in length and as well as celebrating Holy Communion a brief sermon on the Word of God is given.

There is a very friendly atmosphere at this worship service and often those attending gather together for morning coffee following the service.


Saturday 10am Service (St James 3081)

St James 3081 is a community of St James which meets and works in the 3081 postcode (Bellfield, Heidelberg Height and Heidelberg West).

The community is made of local residents and a few who come from neighbouring suburbs, and we are committed to see 3081 become a better place, more like how God would like it.  We aim to do this by helping people connect with God and by serving the community, whether it’s as individuals being a part of the local community or through activities that we run.

We gather weekly in Banyule Community Health Centre (21 Alamein Road, West Heidelberg) on Saturday morning at 10am, and have a morning tea around 11am.  Everyone is welcome at these meetings, which are casual and normally involve reading some of the Bible together, discussing what these means in our lives, and praying for each other.

Once a month we hold a community BBQ outside the Banyule Community Health Centre (first Saturday of the month) to which anyone from the community is welcome to come along and get  free lunch.